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Product Range

  • Renz Plan

    Renz Plan Mailbox Range

    Conspicuously inconspicuous: The RENZ PLAN S generation of innovative mailbox units. Redefining mail boxes – minimalist, restrained, flush-mounted, completely integrated in the building or adapted to the façade. Alongside mailbox models for integrated door panels, wall reccessed or mounted and through the wall. More details

  • Freestanding Postboxes

    Freestanding Postboxes

    Freestanding postboxes are available with vertical or horizontal boxes and can feature a front or rear collection facility. These boxes are available with a range of stands and contrasting surrounds. The stands can be mounted directly onto solid surface or alternatively set into concrete. More details

  • Surface Mounted Postboxes

    Surface Mounted Postboxes

    Surface mounted vertical post boxes are ideally suited to areas where there is plenty of wall space or in corridors where a horizontal mail box that protrudes further might be a hazard. Horizontal surface mounted mailboxes are especially suitable when a large number of letterboxes are needed on limited wall space. In both cases the mail is retrieved from the front of the box. More details

  • Recessed Postboxes

    Recessed Postboxes

    Recessed letterboxes can be installed internally or externally and have the option of being a vertical or horizontal type depending on the available depth of the wall. This type of unit is supplied with a range of frames or surrounds to complete the flush fit to the wall. More details

  • Individual Letter Boxes

    Individual Letter Boxes

    Individual letter boxes can be designed from scratch or are also available from stock. Designs vary and we are happy to accommodate customers own ideas, we will of course help with the final design. This type of postbox can add a stylish finish to any entrance or door way. More details

  • Through the Wall Postboxes

    Through the Wall Postboxes

    Through the wall mailboxes can be installed through almost any type of wall or facing. These boxes have rear mail retrieval doors which can help enhance the security of your building. Each box can be numbered or individually marked and finishes include stainless steel. More details

  • Mail Boxes for Door Sides

    Mail Boxes for Door Sides

    Door sided mail boxes are useful when space is restricted. Retrieval can be front or rear and the corresponding front plate can be made to fit your aperture regardless of the size and quantity of postboxes used. This design can also incorporate a bell push and security device feature. More details

  • Fence Mounted Postboxes

    Fence Mounted Postboxes

    Where a building has a perimeter fence we can design a unit of postboxes to fit exactly into your space, the design will of course incorporate a fixing frame. These units can be built with an additional function box to allow security features including entrance control facilities. More details

  • Mail Chutes

    Mail Chutes

    Mail chute boxes can be supplied at a fixed depth or as a telescopic box, this design feature can be incorporated into boxes for door sides or through the wall applications and help ensure security of your building. Front and rear panel colours can be matched or tailored to your colour scheme. More details

  • Support


    Renz Postbox Solutions are always happy to help with information, in addition to this we can supply a drawing and quotation service and if necessary a site visit can be arranged to help with your design. Drawings and specifications are sent electronically within a time scale that suits your needs. More details