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New guideline for letterboxes!

The new standard EN 13724 stipulates the requirements and test methods relating to openings for the delivery of mail. It specifies for example resistance to corrosion and water ingress as well as requirements regarding security, dimensions and confidentiality. All RENZ products are tested to meet this standard.It is our mission to offer our clients the best possible solution at all times. Click here for more details.

Quality is more than a promise

Over enthusiastic mail distributors, wind, weather and vandals - mail box units need to be robust and stand up to quite a few things. RENZ products are more than prepared to do just that. With selected materials, ingenious designs and extremely sound finishing ensure that you will be pleased with your new postbox unit today and well into the future. Click here for more details.

Standard material details

  • Mail box casing profile:
  • Galvanised: 0.63 mm thick
  • Stainless steel: 0.7 mm thick.
  • Mail box doors:
  • Galvanised: 1.25 mm thick
  • Aluminium: 1.5 mm thick
  • Stainless steel: 1.2 mm thick

Galfan is the designation for surface-finished metal plating. To this end, a zinc/aluminium alloy is melted onto the steel surface. The zinc melt contains approx. 5% aluminium and approx. 0.1% alloy. The corrosion proofing is greater than with hot-dip galvanised parts.

Warranty, guarantee information

In keeping with VOB, there is a 2 year guarantee on non-moving parts of our products and a 2 year guarantee on electrical parts. In addition, there is a 10 year guarantee against RENZ products rusting.

The guarantee claim ceases to apply:

  • When non-authorised persons/craftsmen have interfered or changed the product and when external components have been used or one's own modifications have been undertaken.
  • In cases of non-observation of the operating/installation instructions or use at variance to the intention e.g. connection to the wrong mains voltage or power type.


To maintain the stainless steel, aluminium, anodized or powdercoated/painted surfaces, those parts subject to the weather must be regularly cleaned.Warm water is suitable together with additives such as household cleaners or things similar. Rub dry afterwards and rub in a car polish. As they corrode the eloxal layer, oxide dissolving or mechanically acting cleaning agents are not to be used. Units should be cleaned and attended to more often in areas where the air is particularly corrosive (industrial waste gases, sea air). Corrosion caused by a rust film is excluded from the warranty.

Stainless steel must be cared for:

We recommend regular cleaning with the usual agents. Tests at our company have shown that makes such as Cillit, Enablitz, Stahlfix and 3M have come up with good results as regards cleaning effectiveness, conservation and ease of use. Under no circumstances are steel wool, steel brushes or things similar to be used for cleaning as they damage the protecting surface and thus enable a rust film to form due to abrasion. Protect aluminium parts from cement, lime, gypsum etc.!

Filiform corrosion

In cases of installations near the coast or in area with corrosive air "filiform corrosion" can form especially on coated aluminium parts. If you think the mail boxes may suffer from this problem, we would recommend that you use products from our range wich are manufactured from V4Astainless steel, anodised aluminium or have been specially treated. Do please speak to us about this problem. Inadequate cleaning and care of the surfaces as well as scratches on the surface coating can cause the filiform corrosion to spread.