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Our extensive range of commercial postboxes offers exceptional and unrivalled quality. Renz Postbox Solutions have the versatility, knowledge and support to produce bespoke and "off the shelf" post box and letterbox units that will exceed all expectations. Renz is a family business which has been producing outstanding mailboxes and post boxes for over 85 years and has earned the reputation that other manufacturers aspire to.

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Our post box range comes from one of the best European mail box manufacturers and our multi-unit mail delivery solutions ensure the most efficient distribution of your post.

Renz Postbox Solutions offer a wide range of mailboxes and they include freestanding postboxes, surface mounted post boxes and recessed letterboxes. We also offer mailboxes for door sides and through the wall letter box solutions including mail chutes, individual boxes and fence mounted applications.

Renz Postbox Solutions have the experience to assist with your choice of mailbox and offer a free quotation and drawing service - the complete bespoke solution for all your letter box needs. From a single post box unit to a complete post room, whether you are developing property, designing or specifying, we have a mail box solution designed for you.

Please look through the range of mail boxes displayed here and call us for a more detailed quotation or further information. Call us now on 01639 633 525 or email

Even when letterboxes are a last minute decision Renz Postbox Solutions will be happy to assist. In addition to the established made to order bespoke mail box units, we now have a range of standard off the shelf post boxes to provide quick delivery times and a competitive price.

When choosing a post box you should consider the capacity. Despite promises of a paperless environment, we have more mail than ever these days. Renz Postbox Solutions mark their boxes in litres so that you can easily compare sizes. Consider the type of mail you receive - is it mostly A4/C4 size? Again, the letter slot sizes are shown on the site so that you can make sure that regular packages fit. In most cases, the larger a mailbox, the more secure it is. The most common issue with smaller mailboxes is stolen mail "fished" from the mail slot. A large drop is far more effective at prevention than any anti-theft device.

There are many different types and styles to choose from. However it need not be daunting, simply follow these guidelines:

  • Fence Mount Postboxes

      If you are mounting to the inside of a fence or gate then choose a fence mount. These post boxes have a mail slot at the rear allowing you to mount on the inside and cut an oversize hole to allow access for the postman.

  • Door Mount Post Boxes

      If you wish to install/keep a letter plate to the front of a door (or gate / fence) then a door mount mail box is just the job. They are rear collection and simply have an open aperture rather than a mailslot.

  • Anti-Arson Postbox

      If you need to protect yourself against arson attacks, then an anti-arson letterbox is the solution, we can provide letter boxes with an integrated sealed thermo polymer tube.

  • Vertical Post Boxes

      These boxes receive mail through the top of the front plate, when installed these boxes/units typically protrude only 100 - 145mm and so are used where there is restricted space in perhaps a walk way or entrance hall. Mail is deposited and stands upright in the box - this type of mail delivery is less suited to rigid A4 type mail.

  • Horizontal Postboxes

      These letterboxes protrude far more than vertical boxes and are used where wall space is restricted. These are chosen typically for use in flats or apartment buildings and are suitable for receiving more rigid mail; CDs etc.

  • Guarantee

      All our post boxes carry a general manufacturer's warranty for 5 years and a specific guarantee against rust for 10 years.

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